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AUGUST 2019 All the little things

This theme, "All the little things" has always been close to my heart.

I am so happy to finally get this little song out of my head.

When we started our new project with my sisters, "Botanical Studio", this song felt like the sound track we needed. This August we are releasing the first episode of a documentary series called "Inside the Lab" and "All the little things" will be the music of the title sequence.

Such a little song but a great journey in the making, from composing it while waiting for the bus to arrive, recording it under the caring ear of TNeon Cheetah and filming the music video with my sisters Margot and Marie in our grandparents garden. Thanks to my family and friends for being part of the story.

Composition, voices & arrangements: Colleen Morice-Sharp / EPHEMERE
Recording & mixing: TNeon Cheetah
Mastering: Jim Diamond
Video: Colleen Morice-Sharp & Tom Sharp 

"Inside the Lab" will be available on Botanical Studio Youtube Channel mid August.

The idea is simple, recording moments that are important for us, moments when fabulous people are telling us their stories, sharing their craft and skills with the same idea in mind: legacy. In the first episode "Sur les traces de l'histoire de la broderie" we are interviewing Josiane Cougar-Fruman & Daniel Fruman, collectors of liturgy embroidery.

By sharing their experience with us they are opening a door onto a fabulous and
inspiring world.

SEP 2017 EP Release

That's it! I am so happy to finally share this EP with you. 4 original songs and 2 covers. Among them, "Because", an iconic song from my favorite band; The Beatles.

It's amazing how our first love keeps following us... The Beatles' melodies and harmonies have been such a fabulous inspiration. I am always coming back to them for reference and support. With this EP I have enjoyed composing and playing with words, then teaming up with incredible musicians to bring it to life. I just can't wait to tell more stories and finalise more songs... Thanks a million to all the people that have supported this project!

OCT 2017 There is always another point of view...

As promised, here is EPHEMERE's cover of a song from The Raconteurs - YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME. This cover version is more of an adaptation of the song… a ‘variation on the theme’. It started with a crush on the lyrics, then a reshaping of the structure. Finally, it came to life with Kat May’s magic on the instrumental and string arrangements. Thanks to the technicians and musicians that made this adventure possible!

SEP 2017 Pre-Release Titi

EPHEMERE is a project to express myself, a little space in my routine to give life to songs that make me happy. It is also a pretext to meet new people and create something together. So here you go, I have to jump now… I hope to release the full EP in a few months. But before that, I invite you to listen to the first track.

Titi is an homage to my favorite 2 cities, London and Paris.
In French, “Titi” is like Gavroche in Les Miserables (or Oliver Twist as an English equivalent), a kid nurtured by the city of light, Paris.





Available to download on Itunes & Google Play

Listen on Spotify

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